Today is an exciting time for all of us. We are going to show you what titles we are working on and what we will publish this year. Please keep in mind that most of the pictures, boxes, and illustrations below are WIP (work in progress). This article will be divided into two sections, games and expansions for existing titles.


New Games

Breaking News

We start with the closest project called “The Breaking News.” Everyone who joined our Kickstarter SiegeStorm campaign got a special promo deck for this game. This is a funny, easy to learn party title, where you become a journalist! We are going to launch Kickstarter for this title in the middle of March. We will post more information about it next week, and for now, you can join our most clickbait Facebook group ever!



This is a crazy fighting game, created by Adam Kwapiński, designer of Lords of Hellas and Nemesis. Two players clash in exciting fast-paced duels set in the SiegeStorm’s world.

The game will have a pre-sale campaign with exclusive bonuses in Q2 2020, and we are going to publish it in Q3 2019.



Gaijin is our biggest project for 2020. At this moment we won’t spoil too much about this title, we can only ensure that it will be a great survival board game. It is created by authors of The Great Wall, so you can expect a few amazing twists.



Flick of Faith – Cataclysm

Before we write something about expansion for this flicking cool game, we want to give you information about the retail process of the core box. Right now, the game is in the print house, and it should be available in the stores at the end of May. Also, at the same time, there will be a 7 language premiere as well. For all people who missed the Essen-preorder: we have found 150 leftover core boxes, so you are able to get the game right now on the GameFound – click.

Back to the topic, Cataclysm will change the game a little bit – by adding negative interaction, some destruction, and dragons, oops, not dragons, fire! In the box, you will find a lot of new components, amazing artwork, and new tactics as well! It will premiere in Q3 2020.


SiegeStorm – At the World’s End

This year we will publish a small yet very deep expansion for this crazy card game! At the World’s End is a special pack with over 100 new cards, including new cards for all existing factions and new PvE bosses with special rules. During the creation process, we wanted to add as much content as we could in such a small expansion. Release date – end of the year.

Reviewers and public information.

In the end, we have a little advertisement. Awaken Realms Lite is looking for reviewers and other media for longer cooperation (mostly English-based). So if you are interested in some of our titles, please follow our page and let us know about it! As always, we will have some prototypes before the final release 😉