Hello folks!

In these hard times, we have for you special news – on Steam you can find and download, Flick of Faith digital version! All you need to enjoy the game with your friends is „TableTop Simulator” in your library!

Here you can find a Flick of Faith mode: click.


Quick reference guide

  • To play Flick of Faith on Tabletop Simulator: Click on any colorful orb floating at the edge of the table to select a god to play with.
  • Other players would see your choice. The grey one above the center of the table is just for a spectator – if you select this option you cannot interact with any game elements.
  • Set your perfect angle of view to play – cursors to rotate the camera around the table and wasd to move the camera.
  • You can also zoom in/out by scrolling with your mouse wheel. If you want to take a closer look at a single component, eg. a god card, point it with your mouse and hold alt.

  • If you want to take a closer look to a specific table area without changing your camera settings, eg. if a prophet touches the line or not, press and hold M to use a magnifying glass.
  • Press F1 or click on the hand tool on the top left of the screen to select the hand tool. With this tool you can drag and drop items, eg. set up your prophet at your player’s corner or draw a law card from the deck. You can also drag the whole deck by pressing the mouse button a little longer. You may also shuffle a deck by pressing r when pointing the deck with your mouse, eg. law deck.
  • Press F5 or click on the flick tool on the top left of the screen to select the flick tool. With this tool you can flick objects, eg. your prophets from your player’s corner onto the map.
  • Point a component and press F to flip, eg. a law card or a voting token. Point a component and press Q/E to rotate a component – it works also when you are taking a look at a component when holding alt. Press and hold tab and drag your mouse to make a measurement – it might be useful when checking which prophet is the closest to the navel.
  • Keep in mind that during the game you might need some additional components – you can find them in the bag near the rulebook. Just click on the bag with the hand tool selected and drag the component out of it.  
  • You might notice there are no VP tokens – do not worry. Every player has its personal counter just for this purpose. Click on its buttons (+, -, reset) to manipulate your score accordingly to your in-game performance.
  • Voting – because you cannot see each others hands there are voting tokens. One side is green and the other red. Point your mouse on your voting token, hold LMB to lift it and at the same time release the button. The tricky part is you may flip it by pressing F a moment before letting it go. Green is for the top law and red for the bottom one.
  • If you need to quickly check a rule you can use in-game rulebook – flip its pages by clicking on the arrows on its edges.
  • You can find more useful shortcuts by pressing „/”.

Hope you will enjoy the game!

What about Flick of Faith reprint?

Game is under production right now, we think boxes need around 90-120 more days before they will get delivered to the stores.


We have started to work with the community about Gaijin. If you enjoy the post-apo Japanese style, this project might be for you! Here you can join our facebook group!