Hi everyone!

We’re so glad to introduce our new project to you! Platformer is a board version of a platform game. Its simple rules combined with gravity system will make you wanna play this game forever! In this series of blogs, we will inform you step by step about everything that makes this project so interesting!


When designing Platformer we were inspired by the 80s platform games and we gave it a little more adventurous edge. It is full of references to the games we used to play, but adding a lot of new rules and unexpected twists makes it a brand new experience!

In Platformer, you turn into a Warrior. Your main task is to explore the map, gain as many gold coins and diamonds as you can in order to win the game. But it won’t be as easy as it sounds! Many monsters will stand on your way to the top of the map, your enemies will do their best to make it harder for you, and most importantly – the Boss that’s waiting on the top is going to fight back! Does that sound fun enough?

Platformer is centered around a very simple Gravity Mechanic. During your turn, you climb up – but when your turn ends, you fall down, until you hit a platform or a ladder. Race to the top and try to keep with your opponents!



There’s no one big map in the box. From the cards, you create a new map in every single game. Also, the map has many levels and from the start, you see only one of them. Going up you enter a new level, and only then you can uncover it. That makes it totally unpredictable and fun!

Every move you may make is determined by the dice. After rolling it you see how many and what moves you can do. Yo don’t enjoy your result? Don’t worry! Each die may be rerolled once! Back to the actions, it might be a jump, move one space, getting a gold coin, and moving or attacking the monsters. In general, you do not only have to play smart but a little luck is needed too!

A draft for the campaign is already available. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it now! Let us know what your first expression of this project is!

In the next blog, we will talk about the characters, show you some visualizations of the minis, and more! Stay tuned!


AR Lite Team