At the begining we want to wish you the very best, Healthy Christmas, happy new year and a lot of amazing games! We hope that 2021 will be better than 2020, for everyone!


1. Flick of Faith – USA

The game is on its way to the USA and Canada, and it should be available this year – TGG is distributing our games there. It’s been a year since the game’s premiere in Europe, and we assure you that the time from the game’s release to delivering it to shops will be reduced significantly. We learn, we improve. For those who didn’t have an occasion to flick some cultists, we encourage you to visit the preorder page: Click

One more thing related to Flick – we made a Santa Claus for you. It’s a promo card for you to download and print 😉 We hope you’ll like it!

2. AR Lite – FB Group

We made a Facebook group where you can follow the development of our games. There will be questions for you, some surveys, we will certainly ask for your opinions. From our experience, we decided to stop opening groups for all of our smaller games but make one AR Lite group for all of our tiny games. It will be easier to handle for you and for us – CLICK.

3. Flick of Faith – Author’s story

And, in the end, we have an interesting story for you. How Flick of Faith was made – written by one of its authors. Have a nice read.

We had nothing.

It was the end of the first day of Laboratorium Gier, a polish board game jam. During the event, you get the help of experienced designers and publishers, 3 other team members, few surprising restrictions, a bunch of materials, and 48h to finish a game. Well, just a simple prototype. Or anything you can somehow play. Or just the best you can come up with. It’s just for fun, right?

So let’s sum it up. We got „mythology,” „above the table,” and „physics” as our restrictions. Easy. Mythology is a pretty cool theme that could work with basically everything, so we were not so worried about it. Although personally, I am a science enthusiast, we decided to take „physics” literally and to create a dexterity game. „Above the table” in our minds links with talking, alliances, and betrayals, and this is something we’ve got used to by playing tons of area control titles.

So here we are – area control dexterity game in the mythological setting.

There was only one catch. None of us was a huge fan of dexterity games, and some actively hate them.

But since the whole Laboratorium Gier is a rather friendly competition for fun and experience, we decided that we want to embrace the impossible, and we would make the dexterity game all of us enjoy.

Neat idea, huh?

For the next few hours, we were struggling with our project. Marking down all the possibly helpful ideas and trying to identify and reject the bad ones we already had. Other teams were drawing, cutting out, playtesting, improving. But not us. We were just thinking and taking notes.

And at the end of the day (in fact, it was the middle of the night, and we decided we were too exhausted to continue), we still had nothing.

We’d just burned a lot of our time hitting the wall.

We slept not so well that night. But the idea had been planted, and in the morning, we suddenly knew what to do. Simple map divided into equal players’ areas, flicking, special middle point to build durable constructs on it (there were no cities at this point), asymmetric powers, voting for ever-changing rules.

Of course, it needed a lot of further work, but at least we had something.

Ironically, in such a mythological way, like a phoenix from the ashes, Flick of Faith was born.

We didn’t win that competition.

But we had a lot of fun, and we did the impossible – we created the flicking game all of us liked. „Sphinx” for the ones who like destruction. Extremely easy scoring that gives you some strategic decisions. We even included some tools to get rid of flicking elements we don’t like. „Hand of God,” because Jan feels foolish when sending his discs to the other part of the room. Quick setup and easy rules, because this is what turned down a lot of people from pure fun and silliness of flicking. Playmat, so you can play, no matter the surface.

After the Laboratorium Gier, we were able to reduce the explanation time from over 5 minutes to only 2. We created a lot of new skills, laws, modules. Our game found a great publisher and artist (Dagmara Gąska is amazing!). And now we can finally share our heart, passion, and a lot of work with all of you.

Currently we are working on the expansion, so you can add more to the game we like. But that is another story.

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