Hi everyone,


It’s Saint Nicholas’ Day so everyone should get something. We’re excited to share our present to you! Under these links you’ll find our new free print&play game. It’s called Giftbringer!

Rulebook | Map

In a twisted reality Vikings decided to explore new lands and give presents to its people! In return they get muffins, cookies, glasses of warm, delicious milk and most importantly- the gratitude from the people! Giving presents is the best part of Christmas season after all!
All you need to play the game is a pen, 4 dice, printed maps and some willingness to share the Christmas spirit! Hope you’ll enjoy the game and it will make the meetings with family and friends even better! 


It’s a great opportunity to share some good news with you guys and to make your day a little bit better:

  • Platformer: right now we’re working on miniatures. Making molds for the minis is the process that’s taking lots of time, but it will be totally worth the effort. It will be made in the same factory we usually make our minis, so you can be quite sure the minis will have the best quality!
    Also, we almost finished developing the game itself, and we hope to start production soon. We’ll keep you posted!
    And, almost forgot to mention, the Pledge Manager is opened! The ones who have backed the project have already received the notification. Those who didn’t will have the opportunity to get the game in the Late Pledge. Which will be soon enough!
  • Flick of Faith and Cataclysm: these are up running all over the worlds’ markets! We weren’t expecting this game to grow this big and we’re so grateful for that! We’re planning another reprint and the game will become available on new markets next year! Stay tuned!
    We’re also glad to announce a little hint- the next expansion is in progress! Soon we will be able to share more information.
  • Gaijin: game is under development. We can assure you that we’re working hard on it and do our best to make it a great game! Our developers, graphic designers, 3D artists and the authors of course are putting full effort into this title, and we aim to deliver!
    As a Saint Nicholas’ Day bonus- here’s a little teaser. Our plan is to start the GameFound campaign in Q1 of 2022. For sure we will let you all know once we have an exact date!
  • Knockdown: this title was a little bit more challenging than we expected, took us a lot more time than we expected and became a great game- just as we expected. At least we were right about one thing 😛
    The game is under production and soon it will be sent to the backers.
    If you want the game to be delivered to another place/ need to change the shipping data please do contact our support team. There’s nothing they cannot do in order to help you guys!

Merry Christmas!