Knockdown Volume I Siege Storm

2 players / age 8-99 / time 15-30 minutes


In the raw world of Siegestorm, there is only one thing that really matters – VICTORY! The best fighters gather to knock glory out of the hands of their opponents during the Great Tournament. You may think of yourself as the most sneaky, mighty fighter with the dirtiest tricks. But now is the time to prove it. Can you?


Knock your opponents down in the Arena using your fighting skills, traps, and combination of strikes. Defend yourself and attack the enemy until you win by the spectacular K.O!



Designed by Adam Kwapinski, board game industry veteran, who created Nemesis, ranked as a top 30 game of all time, as rated on Board Game Geek. Founded in 12 minutes on Kickstarter and developed with the support of Awaken Realms enthusiasts community.


About the gameplay


Knockdown is one of a kind dynamic competitive game inspired by fighting video games, where you become one of those powerful warriors you have always been in your dreams and you have to make the best use of all of your skills to force your opponent to perform a K.O. test – in the original, dexterity form that gives you a great impression of struggling to stand up after a heavy hit.


During the game, you will find enjoyment in discovering what your fighter can and cannot do, how to play them efficiently, and how to use their strengths against their opponent’s weaknesses.


But if you want to search deeper, you may find another layer of gameplay – there’s much space for planning and decisions. And there’s nothing to stop you from playing Knockdown like the serious, expanded full format board game – a strategic fight between you and your opponent.



Seeking a more detailed description?

Most of the information is known to both players – you know your opponent’s abilities, how many cards they have on their hand, and which symbols they collect for their combo. It’s like observing the „super attack bar” in fighting video games – when your enemy gathered many cards, you know you have to be super careful, as they may unleash a devastating attack against you. And there comes the strategy – carefully tracking cards on your opponent’s hand, preparing a counter combo for the one that your enemy is currently trying to perform, positioning yourself on the map, stealing cards that they need, or focusing on defending and waiting for the right moment to strike. And don’t forget that your opponent does the same! There are many many options to choose from.


Dive into the box


In the Knockdown, you can find characters from other Awaken Realms games. Each mini in Knockdown is suitable for the „main game” and presents a miniature in a new, unique position. Summary – Knockdown owners can use their minis in the main game as alternative sculpts!


The game offers a 3D arena, so you can sit next to your opponent and enjoy knocking down his miniature, in a familiar fighting videogame setting.


Wooden cubes are designed for the Knockdown Test. Your opponent must build a tower from all cubes while you are counting from 10 to 0. If the tower is not ready in time – you win the round by KO!

Players that prefer less dexterity elements in their games will be happy to know that the alternative rules are included. 






Curious about the feel of what you can find in the boxes? Please, be invited to check some of our unboxing videos.


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What do else say about the play


If you are interested in reviews of those who already had an occasion to try themselves in the fight with prototypes of the game, watch the videos below!


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Full reviews available soon.