Dark Clouds over Japan

Ascend arose in strength. Hordes of AIs patrolling streets of post-apocalyptic Japan. Are you brave enough to fight for your homeland? As a human being you might try to stop it once and for all. Jump into our vision of a cyberpunk world where, through different scenarios, you’ll fight dangerous enemies, form alliances with chosen fractions, transplant your consciousness to other bodies, modify your bodies and hack your way to victory.

Gaijin is a 1-4 player scenario-based game. There are both cooperative and competitive types of scenarios and completing each of them results in unlocking new components. The game involves a similar deckbuilding mechanic with storage and data tokens. Players will simultaneously perform actions on the player board which represents programming and then, according to the turn order explore the city and interacts with the real world.

Cybernetic world vs Real one

Gaijin has a very fresh and unique system – programming, which you can’t find in similar titles. Part of your turn takes place on the player board which mainly represents activity in the cybernetic world. Sliding data tokens on your compiler is required to perform many actions. enemies, locations, quests, augmentations, and other game content involves compiler management and preparing powerful algorithms. Each player will have their own storage with data tokens and through the game, you’ll add, remove and upgrade those to fit your character and playstyle.

Welcome to the world where humans are endangered species. The interesting part is that their biggest threat also keeps them alive. Since everything is automated you can still go to the hospital, you can still visit your favorite hidden tavern, and through different scenarios, you’ll find and unlock multiple new locations that you can make use of.

The second part of the player turn involves actions on a map, which is randomly drawn during the setup of each scenario. Besides the core map tile pool that is required to complete the scenario, there is another tile pool that makes each playthrough unique. Tiles you encounter during the game let you launch new algorithms that may add new tokens to your storage, recover integrity, gain new augmentations, and many more. On top of that, each scenario will have a set of exploration tokens which will provide you with powerful bonuses when the tile action is first time used.

Human Replacement – fight for survival

In these times human bodies are useless. Everyone uses synthetic, already prepared bodies, which come with varying abilities. If you know where to find them you can get one which fits you the best, or one that is available and safe to steal. Bodies were the only thing that kept people away from theoretically eternal life. With consciousness transplantation, it’s possible to stay alive forever. The vision of immortality made the government restrict reproduction to a minimum and eventually shut it down. That’s why it is very hard to meet a „normal” person walking around. In Gaijin, it is important to switch bodies and adapt them to the current stages of the game. One time you will need to fight, other to avoid Ascent.

You probably saw the trace track on your player board. Ascend is seeking for all human beings left alive and they won’t hesitate to exterminate whole mankind. You need to be careful, because each action raises your trace track, and when it reaches a certain threshold the AI will come for you in corresponding quantity. Each enemy has its own fragile points and launching an appropriate algorithm may increase your odds of survival. Enemies attack your integrity and the attacks may be cyber-based or just plain force, both ways will certainly do the damage.

Gaijin – what’s next

We are happy to announce that the Gaijin prototype is done, in the next weeks we are going to write more about the game, and in February / March 2022 we will launch the crowdfunding campaign! Meanwhile, you can sign there – click, or join our Facebook group – click.