Flick of Faith – second print

We want to announce officially that Flick of Faith is in print. The game will have 6 new language versions, and we will make another print of English core boxes. Flick should be in stores in late May/early June. Right now, you can pre-order it at our online store: click**. Probably during upcoming weeks, you will able to make a pre-order in your favorite board game shop around Canada, USA, and the UK. Some of you may ask, why does it take so long? We won’t lie to you – for the very first time, we’re trying to organize such vast worldwide distribution. We learn and improve, so next titles should be available much quicker.

**Making an order this way will ensure you won’t miss your copy, and you will get it 1-2 weeks earlier compared to the standard distribution timeline.


If you are still thinking about the game, we have some reviews for you!