Cataclysm – Pre-sale

Finally, the expansion for Flick of Faith is available!

You can get this game now in pre-sale on GameFound. About the expansion, you may read here. For everyone who gets a preorder, we will add a promo card – Cthulhu!

The story behind this card is crazy. Someday, at the polish board game forum, we read a players’ ideas about gods for this title. We fell in love with one of them. After a quick discussion inside the company, we decided to write to the creator and ask him for permission of using his idea. This way Cthulhu raised!

Cthulhu God is very powerful in the game and brings a lot of options for its owner. Maybe this mighty Great Old One doesn’t bring additional victory points to the game, but his ability opens space for many controversial moves. Cthulhu may use other player Prophets for additional flick after the Mission Phase ends. You may use it to flick somebody out from the map, or to move your Prophet to any Island, there are so many ways to use this card!
We hope you will enjoy it!