Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Awaken Realms Lite website!

Many of you probably know this already, but for all the others let me make some introductions. Awaken Realms Lite is a part of Awaken Realms – boardgame publisher famous for huge, and often miniature-heavy titles, such as Nemesis, Lords of Hellas or This War of Mine. However, AR Lite focuses on smaller games rather than big Kickstarter hits, and its range includes some more family-friendly titles. Our goal is to create visually attractive, „lighter” games that will appeal to both hardcore boardgame enthusiasts and regular players. Follow our site to find out more about our products!
If you are still wondering why would you need to check out our site every once in a while, keep reading. Apart from bringing you all the fresh news and previews, we are here to publish official Print’n’Play versions of our games, FAQs and other cool stuff, so stay tuned, folks! You will have all these extra goodies right here, only one click away. And watch out, because there will be a surprise for SiegeStorm players later this week!
You can also follow us on Facebook to stay posted and visit us at our BoardGameGeek profile.
See you there!