Essen SPIEL ’19

is just around the corner! A yearly boardgaming holiday, biggest boardgaming event in Europe, Christmas come early for a lot of board game geeks. The fair starts this Thursday, 24th Oct, and will last till Sunday, 27th Oct. Four days of intense gaming, testing, new releases and fun! During SPIEL you will be able to meet your favourite publishers from all over the world and of course meet other boardgame fans just like you!
If you are going to be there, come swing by our booth and say hi! We will be located in Hall 2, booth 2F123. Remember you can pick up the games you ordered in our special Essen preorder!

Promo card for Flick of Faith

What’s more, we have prepared a special Flick of Faith promo card for the occasion for everyone who visits us there! As a reminder, Flick of Faith is a dexterity game for 2-4 players, that will premiere during the fair. In the game you become a God, trying to gather more followers than your rivals. You do that by flicking discs around an archipelago, sending prophets who will draw your worshippers to you. Sounds fun? In case you need to make sure, you will have a chance to try it this week in Essen!
Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to, and that’s what happened to SiegeStorm bosses this time. During playtesting we’ve come across a critical issue that we weren’t able to fix in time for SPIEL ’19. We decided that want to give you the best possible product, so although we are terribly sorry for the delay, we will make sure it was worth the wait!

Top-secret prototypes

To conclude on a more positive note: we are bringing a prototype to playtest for you. What we are going to show you is a two player dueling game, so come and check it out, because it’s coming soon from Awaken Realms Lite! So, are we going to see you in Essen this week?