Happy New Year, everyone! We want to celebrate the beginning of the year with a little gift for all SiegeStorm fans – new PvE opponent for you to defeat. His name is Bylass, a powerful goblin whose brother Byloss you already know. To face this deadly threat you will need a deck of 34 cards and Evil Goblins base deck.

Bylass Print and Play enemy!

Bylass is cruel and brutal, his thirst for blood and power insatiable, growing stronger with every passing day. Many villages and towns ceased to exist while he wrought havoc years ago. We thought he was no longer a threat – the united forces of Ysra and Khung’lai managed to stop his dreadful crusade, throwing Bylass into the darkest dungeon that would hold him forever. Alas, he escaped, angrier than ever, and now with the aid of his faithful goblin army will try to reign the world of SiegeStorm. Are you strong enough to stop him?

Unlike the standard SiegeStorm:SiegeMode enemies, this opponent comes with three cards for three stages of the duel. You start by creating a deck of 34 cards from a single faction, following the steps for solo mode in the rulebook. However, instead of creating the deck of base and advanced cards, take Byloss’ stage I card and follow the instruction there: create Resources deck as instructed, set life marker to 15 and Menace token to level 2. During this first stage Byloss draws two cards and plays them according to standard rules. In this case, one card will be deployed and the other one will give tokens to all his allies on the track, increasing their attack value.

When you bring Byloss’ health to 0 the first time, draw the stage II card and add new cards to the deck, set life marker and follow additional instruction on the enemy card. You win the fight if you manage to inflict damage equal to his life points during stage III, and we promise it’s not going to be an easy task! Each faction plays differently against this boss, but here’s a hint – create a deck that works well against this particular enemy and master it to succeed!

What’s next?

We are going to publish x2 small expansions for SiegeStorm this year. Each of them will include new cards for all 6 existing factions. The main theme will be „pirates” and the second one „dryads”. We will upload more information soon 😉